The Little Runway

I do not want to let him go,
He came here not too long ago-
The little runaway.

But if I do not send him back,
God’s holiness could be attacked.
He must head home today.

But first, I need to get my pen
And write a note to my old friend,
And show him God’s good way.

“Onesimus, my useful son,
Your journey home won’t be fun,
But I need you to obey.

Go to your master, apologize,
Lay this letter before his eyes-
And all will be ok.”

“My dear, old friend, Philemon,
The slave before you has done wrong.
But for his crimes, I’ll pay.

Welcome him as you would me.
He’s now a child of God, you see.
I beg you, let him stay.

I’d like to come and visit soon,
So please prepare for me a room,
And for my freedom pray.”

-Wills Osborn (8/6/20)

(This poem is based on the book of Philemon, found in the Bible.)


    1. Thank you! As I studied the book I realized that all of the individual’s had to make hard decisions. With the Lord’s help, I believe they all made good choices.


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