Tag: Sin

Sweat and Blood

Then I heard, yes I was taught
My redemption had been bought

The Little Runway

The little runaway.
He must head home today.

Precious Souls

Jonah wanted justice: He sought fury from God’s fists…

fix my heart

I thought that love could fix my heart- Until my world fell apart.

Embracing Fire

His feet are firmly fixed in filthy mire…

Thanksgiving (and Mourning)

Did you watch the Rams vs. Chiefs game last week? I heard about it from a friend after it happened and watched the 12-minute recap on YouTube later that evening. What an intense game! The teams went back and forth, there were multiple fumbles… Continue Reading “Thanksgiving (and Mourning)”

How Much Do You Love?

In our world today, there is a pervasive idea that in order to go to heaven, a person must be good. Of course, no one knows how good they must be in order to get in, but that doesn’t seem to bother many of… Continue Reading “How Much Do You Love?”