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Three Lessons from Imprecatory Psalms

An imprecatory psalm is one that includes an “imprecation,” usually against the ungodly. The Oxford Dictionary defines an imprecation as, “a spoken curse.” This means that the psalmist is actually trying to call down a curse on someone. While this may seem inconsistent with Biblical… Continue Reading “Three Lessons from Imprecatory Psalms”

Does God Seem Far Away?

Are you facing a distressing situation… one you can’t think or talk your way out of; one your friends don’t want to be a part of; one you can’t throw money at (or don’t have enough money to make it go away)? In Psalm… Continue Reading “Does God Seem Far Away?”

Grace, Appreciated

In Paul’s letter to the Colossians, he spells out the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It goes like this…

The Father’s Wisdom

How does the father in the Parable of the Lost Son demonstrate the “wisdom from above”?

A Biblical View of Social Justice

Should Christians advocate for social justice? I don’t believe they should and here’s why…

The Night I Licked a Bar of Soap

Do you sense that the people around you are keeping a healthy distance from you to avoid your “poisonous” words?

A Chieftain Like Me (Poem)

His patience poured out on a chieftain like me should help you to see…

What Does Contentment Sound Like?

You can learn to be content. Today.

No One Wants to Hug a Cactus

I don’t want to be the kind of person who gives pin-pricks in exchange for friendship.


Life gets hard. What should we do?