Category: Bible Poem

Precious Souls

Jonah wanted justice: He sought fury from God’s fists…

A Chieftain Like Me (Poem)

His patience poured out on a chieftain like me should help you to see…


Life gets hard. What should we do?

Season of Contentment (Poem)

But do not think that peace
is endlessly delayed…

Why So Long?

“do not be aghast if deliverance comes slow.”

Dreams on the Floor (Psalm 37)

I woke up and found my dreams on the floor,
Broken and bleeding and covered in gore.

None Who Wait (Psalm 25)

“None who wait
upon the Lord…”

King of Glory (Psalm 24)

“Who is this King of glory?”

You Are Near (Psalm 23)

Through valleys, dark,
I oft embark…

Why Have You Abandoned Me? (Psalm 22)

O Lord, come close and hear my plea.
My Strength, please come and rescue me!