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Sweat and Blood

Then I heard, yes I was taught
My redemption had been bought

The Little Runway

The little runaway.
He must head home today.

Precious Souls

Jonah wanted justice: He sought fury from God’s fists…

fix my heart

I thought that love could fix my heart- Until my world fell apart.

The Gift of God

Over the past few months I have had the privilege of sharing the Gospel with the middle school skaters who attend SkateChurch. Recently, I began a series through the 7 signs of Jesus in the Gospel of John. One of the questions that often… Continue Reading “The Gift of God”

Allie’s Fears (Poem + Story)

“Is there something you’re afraid of?” I asked Allie one day. “I’ve heard so much about God’s love- But don’t know what He’d say… If I should ask the God above ‘Oh Lord, please, can I stay?’ I fear He might give me a… Continue Reading “Allie’s Fears (Poem + Story)”

Not by Works

Hard work can earn you a lot of cool things on this earth, but it can never help you gain access to heaven. Only the mercy and grace of God (shown through the death of Jesus) coupled with personal faith will result in salvation.

The Cost (Poem)

The price was great indeed: To suffer and to bleed. But opposite to greed, He saw the greater need. Christ Jesus chose to pay the cost to seek and save the lost. -Wills Osborn (6/19/2017) See Luke 19:10

The Problem with Salvation

The problem with salvation (read: God’s grace) is its accessibility. It is simply too accessible. “In 1975, researchers Worchel, Lee, and Adewole wanted to know how people would value cookies in two identical glass jars. One jar held ten cookies while the other contained just two… Continue Reading “The Problem with Salvation”