After arriving in Rome, Paul was placed under house arrest awaiting his trial. He made the most of his time by entertaining guests, showing hospitality, teaching them about the kingdom of God and introducing them to Jesus. This was a man who knew how to make the most of his calling in any situation. How … Continue reading Welcomed


At the end of Paul's defense, Agrippa recoiled at the thought of being persuaded so easily to become a Christian. Some people come easily and some take more time, but God draws whom he wills. Do we have the mindset of Paul that what we have is worth sharing? (26/28)


Although Paul want afraid of debate, he did not make a name for himself by arguing it intentionally causing disturbances. I'm afraid there are Christians today who are out looking for a fight. There are also people who want to get into an argument with Christians about their faith. Paul refused to get involved with … Continue reading Disturbance

Get Out

The Lord told Paul to get out of Jerusalem at the beginning of his ministry because the Jews there would not listen to him. Paul tried to explain to the Lord that the people there knew him and would probably want to hear why he had stopped persecuting the Christians. God knew they weren't ready … Continue reading Get Out