Lord of the Dead

Romans 14:9 clearly shows that Jesus submitted himself to the Father, even to the point of death, for a very … More

Pitter Patter

A girl stands in the rain Pitter patter Humiliating shame Bruised and battered No chance of being vain Clothes in … More

Wholehearted Devotion

Hanani, a seer (prophet) in Israel, reminded the king of Judah that God would have protected Judah if he had … More

The Ungodly

They enter by stealth- the same old song. they’re dangerous reefs who don’t belong. These self-centered guides with values wrong … More


After arriving in Rome, Paul was placed under house arrest awaiting his trial. He made the most of his time … More

Just the Way

After setting sail for Rome, the captain refused to listen to Paul’s advice to harbor for the winter. They ran … More