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fix my heart

I thought that love could fix my heart- Until my world fell apart.

Philippians Quiz

How well do you know Philippians? Take this quiz to find out!

Shattered Plans

I promise, you will be better off in the end if…

Review Quiz – Skate Church Bible Study

How well do you know Genesis 1-11? Take this quiz to find out!

James – Introduction

Is it possible to live well when things don’t make sense?
The author of the epistle of James answers with a resounding “yes!”

A Chieftain Like Me (Poem)

His patience poured out on a chieftain like me should help you to see…

What Does Contentment Sound Like?

You can learn to be content. Today.


Life gets hard. What should we do?

Learning to Pray

Do you ever have trouble knowing what to pray about? This might help…

King of Glory (Psalm 24)

“Who is this King of glory?”