Eschewed Equality (Poem)

Though perfect in his form: divine,
He veiled his glor’ous deity.
Emptied himself; to flesh confined:
Eschewed* equality.

In likeness of humanity,
He seized the status of a slave.
Obedient humility,
To death: the cross and grave.

By God exalted even now:
His noble name should be adored!
One day before him all will bow,
Confessing, “he is Lord.”

-Wills Osborn (3/5/19, updated 7/24/19)
(Based on Philippians 2:5-11)

*Eschewed means, to “deliberately avoid using; abstain from” according to the dictionary result provided by Google.


  1. Thank you for your poems on such a precious topic….you have been able to capture the heart of our loving Savior as well as the majesty of His lofty position.


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