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Allie’s Fears (Poem + Story)

“Is there something you’re afraid of?” I asked Allie one day. “I’ve heard so much about God’s love- But don’t know what He’d say… If I should ask the God above ‘Oh Lord, please, can I stay?’ I fear He might give me a… Continue Reading “Allie’s Fears (Poem + Story)”

God Isn’t Surprised (Poem)

Burdened and crushed by the weight of my sin- My mirror reflects a soul worn thin. Then I’m reminded that God knows it all. He wasn’t surprised by Adam’s fall. Nor is he confused to see me like this. (Guilt’s nothing more than the… Continue Reading “God Isn’t Surprised (Poem)”

Hidden Words

My Kindle cover is not here. I hid it somewhere very near. But find it- I cannot. At Christmas-time a journal given, There on the shelf- left unwritten. No, not one single jot. Early to bed, early to rise. Tried, but no sleep came… Continue Reading “Hidden Words”

Sugar Snap Peas

My sugar snap peas, like soldiers hearing taps- attend. While the breeze plays with their green feathered caps. -Wills Osborn (3/30/18)

Pitter Patter

A girl stands in the rain Pitter patter Humiliating shame Bruised and battered No chance of being vain Clothes in tatters The sweet girls name is Jane Yes, she matters. -Wills Osborn (3/23/18)

Signs of Spring (Poem)

Song birds sing, Church bells ring, Fresh blooms bring Signs of spring. -Wills Osborn (6/23/17)


Fresh snow on the trees- Purest of white- The little boy sees At dawn’s first light. With sparkling eyes, He springs from bed. And bellows the cry, “Hey, Dad! Let’s sled!” -Wills (2/20/18)

Thought Alive (Poem)

Once dead in sins: Though thought alive. Running errands for the prince of darkened skies. Our flesh compelled Us down that path. Till we beheld ourselves as children of wrath. Then mercy shone And love displayed: (In Christ alone) By grace through faith we’re… Continue Reading “Thought Alive (Poem)”

The Cost (Poem)

The price was great indeed: To suffer and to bleed. But opposite to greed, He saw the greater need. Christ Jesus chose to pay the cost to seek and save the lost. -Wills Osborn (6/19/2017) See Luke 19:10

Mars Hill (Poem)

The God who made the world and all within, does not live in a temple made by men. Nor is He served by man’s designs, but He appointed each one’s time. Now all should seek the Lord and hope to find a faithful Friend… Continue Reading “Mars Hill (Poem)”