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Love Like Dew

Your love is like the early dew. What should I do…

Sharing Life

You and I have history, our story tells…

Eschewed Equality (Poem)

Though perfect in his form: divine,
He veiled his glor’ous deity…

Namesake of Christianity (Poem)

Raised and exalted by his God:
Name-sake of Christianity…

Love Isn’t Blind (Poem)

With open eyes and mind- we find love isn’t blind…


Stealing sideways glances:
hidden in …

In Love with Another Man (Poem)

When I came to visit, you did not say, “I’m in love with another man.” You welcomed me in and asked me to stay. I realize now, I should have ran. But I let emotion lead me astray, hoping that I could hold your… Continue Reading “In Love with Another Man (Poem)”

Leaves Like Fire

Freshly fallen drops like sapphireflash and sparkle at first dawn. Golden, glowing leaves like fireform a blanket on the lawn. Stretching shadows cast by spirestell us all that Summer’s gone. Wills Osborn (9/23/18)

If we were in love (poem)

If we were in love, I would whisper in your ear things I like about you, Dear: Words to show I care. If we were in love, I would help you with your chores: I can organize the drawers or straighten the chairs. If… Continue Reading “If we were in love (poem)”

In Awe (poem)

When I came to the end of my weakness and pain, and realized the death of Christ was my gain; It’s in that moment I finally saw: I didn’t need strength, I just needed awe. But He gave me power and covered my shame,… Continue Reading “In Awe (poem)”