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Love Like Dew

Your love is like the early dew. What should I do…

Prophetable Persecution

Should Christians read the Old Testament?

Ezra the Scribe (Sermon)

Ezra is a man with an impressive pedigree, a useful profession, and a unique purpose. But what is the secret to his success? The following is a message I shared at Grace Bible Fellowship on January 13, 2019. Title: Ezra the Scribe (The Hand of… Continue Reading “Ezra the Scribe (Sermon)”

Bible Study (Book-by-book) Resources

A friend at my church recently asked me for suggestions on resources that would help her understand each book of the Bible. After giving it some thought, I put together this list of options that could help a student of the Bible think through… Continue Reading “Bible Study (Book-by-book) Resources”