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Dream Deferred

A dream, a return, and a time of seeking.

Skate Church Teaching Plan

Worldview and Gospel

*A Step of Faith*

A dream, a donation, and a step of faith.

Manhood and Deity

Are you sold out to doing God’s will? Even at the expense of your own? After Jesus grew up, he was baptized and then immediately sent into the wilderness to be tested and tempted by the Devil. Of course, he passed with flying colors,…

A Father to his Son (Sermon)

The following is a message I shared during the evening service at Claremont Bible Chapel on September 11, 2016. Title: A Father to his Son Passage: 1 Timothy 1 Theme: Order in the church! Outline:  Calling (1-2) Command (3-11) Conversion (12-17) Charge (18-20)