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fix my heart

I thought that love could fix my heart- Until my world fell apart.

God Isn’t Surprised (Poem)

Burdened and crushed by the weight of my sin- My mirror reflects a soul worn thin. Then I’m reminded that God knows it all. He wasn’t surprised by Adam’s fall. Nor is he confused to see me like this. (Guilt’s nothing more than the… Continue Reading “God Isn’t Surprised (Poem)”

Thought Alive (Poem)

Once dead in sins: Though thought alive. Running errands for the prince of darkened skies. Our flesh compelled Us down that path. Till we beheld ourselves as children of wrath. Then mercy shone And love displayed: (In Christ alone) By grace through faith we’re… Continue Reading “Thought Alive (Poem)”

The Problem with Salvation

The problem with salvation (read: God’s grace) is its accessibility. It is simply too accessible. “In 1975, researchers Worchel, Lee, and Adewole wanted to know how people would value cookies in two identical glass jars. One jar held ten cookies while the other contained just two… Continue Reading “The Problem with Salvation”