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A Biblical View of Social Justice

Should Christians advocate for social justice? I don’t believe they should and here’s why…

Philippians Quiz

How well do you know Philippians? Take this quiz to find out!

Review Quiz – Skate Church Bible Study

How well do you know Genesis 1-11? Take this quiz to find out!

A Chieftain Like Me (Poem)

His patience poured out on a chieftain like me should help you to see…


Life gets hard. What should we do?

(Contest Closed) Bible Memory Contest For Students – Win a CSB Bible!

This contest is now closed. Thank you for your participation! Check back later for other contests 🙂

Learning to Pray

Do you ever have trouble knowing what to pray about? This might help…

Why Have You Abandoned Me? (Psalm 22)

O Lord, come close and hear my plea.
My Strength, please come and rescue me!

The Rock & The Mirror

What are you building your life on?
Where do you look to understand the condition of your soul?

Bible Study (Book-by-book) Resources

A friend at my church recently asked me for suggestions on resources that would help her understand each book of the Bible. After giving it some thought, I put together this list of options that could help a student of the Bible think through… Continue Reading “Bible Study (Book-by-book) Resources”