Rabboni (Poem)

“Oh woman, tell us why you weep,
and why this tearful vigil keep.”

“They came and took my Lord away!
I don’t know where they’ve put Him.”

“Dear woman, tell Me why you weep.
Who is the Man for whom you seek?”

“If you have carried Him away,
I want to come and get Him!”

“Mary, it is I.”


-Wills Osborn (6/17/2017)
Based on John 20:11-16

The Lookout

Habakkuk, the lookout for Israel, pleads with the Lord on the people’s behalf, but the Lord’s answer doesn’t make sense. What is a righteous person to do?

The following is a message I shared at Palms Gospel Chapel on May 14, 2017.

Title: The Lookout

Follow along here: Habakkuk

Good Coffee

In order to be of full benefit, a Christian must, like good coffee, be:

  1. Allowed to mature (shown their need),
  2. Picked (called),
  3. Put through the fire (tested),
  4. Ground (emptied of self),
  5. Mixed with others (taught to love), and
  6. Steeped (put to work).