Nehemiah, Simplified

The following is my synopsis of the book of Nehemiah.
Nehemiah is a cup-bearer for Artaxerxes in Babylon at the time of the exile. He hears that the wall of Jerusalem is broken down, so he prays to God and asks the king to send him to Jerusalem with servants to rebuild the wall. With the kings blessing he departs.
The Jews living in the city rally together and rebuild the wall rapidly, despite opposition from Sanballat and Tobiah, their enemies.
Once the wall is completed, Nehemiah and the Levites teach the people the law, restore the priesthood, and arrange for families to move into Jerusalem.
Nehemiah returns to Babylon for a while but then comes back to Jerusalem and finds the people doing evil. He sanctified them again, cleanses the temple, re-institutes tithing, drives out merchants who seek to sell on the Sabbath, and reminds the people of the danger of intermarrying with pagans.
The book is interspersed with genealogies and Nehemiah’s prayers.