Category: Poetry

Leaves Like Fire

Freshly fallen drops like sapphireflash and sparkle at first dawn. Golden, glowing leaves like fireform a blanket on the lawn. Stretching shadows cast by spirestell us all that Summer’s gone. Wills Osborn (9/23/18)

If we were in love (poem)

If we were in love, I would whisper in your ear things I like about you, Dear: Words to show I care. If we were in love, I would help you with your chores: I can organize the drawers or straighten the chairs. If…

In Awe (poem)

When I came to the end of my weakness and pain, and realized the death of Christ was my gain; It’s in that moment I finally saw: I didn’t need strength, I just needed awe. But He gave me power and covered my shame,…

Allie’s Fears (Poem + Story)

“Is there something you’re afraid of?” I asked Allie one day. “I’ve heard so much about God’s love- But don’t know what He’d say… If I should ask the God above ‘Oh Lord, please, can I stay?’ I fear He might give me a…

God Isn’t Surprised (Poem)

Burdened and crushed by the weight of my sin- My mirror reflects a soul worn thin. Then I’m reminded that God knows it all. He wasn’t surprised by Adam’s fall. Nor is he confused to see me like this. (Guilt’s nothing more than the…

Hidden Words

My Kindle cover is not here. I hid it somewhere very near. But find it- I cannot. At Christmas-time a journal given, There on the shelf- left unwritten. No, not one single jot. Early to bed, early to rise. Tried, but no sleep came…

Sugar Snap Peas

My sugar snap peas, like soldiers hearing taps- attend. While the breeze plays with their green feathered caps. -Wills Osborn (3/30/18)

Pitter Patter

A girl stands in the rain Pitter patter Humiliating shame Bruised and battered No chance of being vain Clothes in tatters The sweet girls name is Jane Yes, she matters. -Wills Osborn (3/23/18)

The Ungodly

They enter by stealth- the same old song. they’re dangerous reefs who don’t belong. These self-centered guides with values wrong like waterless clouds are swept along. Like late Autumn trees it won’t be long till these wandering stars all fall headlong. -Wills Osborn (3/23/18)…

Signs of Spring (Poem)

Song birds sing, Church bells ring, Fresh blooms bring Signs of spring. -Wills Osborn (6/23/17)