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The Lookout

Habakkuk, the lookout for Israel, pleads with the Lord on the people’s behalf, but the Lord’s answer doesn’t make sense. What is a righteous person to do? The following is a message I shared at Palms Gospel Chapel on May 14, 2017. Title: The… Continue Reading “The Lookout”

Colossians Outline

The following is my outline for the book of Colossians. Opening 1:1-8 Salutation 1:1-2 Encouragement 1:3-8 Instruction 1:9-2:23 (Doctrine) Affirmative Instruction Prayer 1:9-14 Jesus is Preeminent 1:15-23 Christ-like Ministry 1:24-29 Corrective Instruction 2:1-23 Paul’s Conflict 2:1-3 Paul’s Warning 2:4-23 Persuasive Words Philosophy Legalism Gnosticism Asceticism… Continue Reading “Colossians Outline”