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Ezra the Scribe (Sermon)

Ezra is a man with an impressive pedigree, a useful profession, and a unique purpose. But what is the secret to his success? The following is a message I shared at Grace Bible Fellowship on January 13, 2019. Title: Ezra the Scribe (The Hand of… Continue Reading “Ezra the Scribe (Sermon)”

Bible Study (Book-by-book) Resources

A friend at my church recently asked me for suggestions on resources that would help her understand each book of the Bible. After giving it some thought, I put together this list of options that could help a student of the Bible think through… Continue Reading “Bible Study (Book-by-book) Resources”

Temple Restoration (Ezra 3:8-13)

In Ezra 3:8-13, the first group of returning exiles lay the foundation of the temple in Jerusalem. This requires preparation and dedication. It should be an event to celebrate, but it’s clear that something is wrong when the older men begin weeping.