Study: The Parable of the Sower!

Are you ready to do some Bible study?

I put together a two-page inductive Bible study worksheet that will take you through The Parable of the Sower from Luke 4! When you download the editable PDF, you will be able to make observations about a passage, interpret what Jesus meant by his parable, and then apply what you have learned to your own life! (And I think you will even enjoy the process.)

Download the Worksheet

What are you waiting for? Download the editable PDF now.

Read the Passage

Before you begin, you will need to read the passage in your Bible. You may also read it in the CSB by clicking the button below.


This worksheet is suitable for people of all ages- so long as they can read and write, so if you have kids or lead a youth group, you might enjoy inviting them to work through it with you.


If you enjoyed this study, please come back and leave a comment, letting me know. Thanks!

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