God: existed before the beginning

The Bible opens with the statement, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). From this verse we learn that our universe had a beginning and that God was present when it began. Not only was he present, he was actually the one who started it all- by creating the heavens and the earth. 

If God was present and active at the beginning, then he must have existed before the beginning. (A child can only be born to parents who exist and are capable of “creating” offspring. An essay can only be written by a person who exists and is capable of communicating. The heavens and earth could only have been created by the God who already existed and was capable of creating them.) Since the heavens and earth exist and they were created “in the beginning,” then they were created by the God who existed before the beginning. 

So what? Why should we care that God existed “before the beginning”?
Here’s the thing: we all worship something. It is as though we were created to worship (see Acts 17:23). And there are many things contending for our worship (see Matthew 4:9). So, if we are looking for something or someone to worship, we should find the object or being who is most worthy of our worship. Given that God is the originator of all things and the one who existed before all things (see Colossians 1:16-17) we may conclude that he is above all things- and, as such, most worthy of our worship. Since everything else was, is, or will be created, they will never be able to surpass the worthiness of the one who created them. They can and will ever only be lesser objects of worship. So, when you are deciding whom or what to worship, worship the one, true God who existed before the beginning. 

Returning to the thoughts on God’s existence, we will note that there are other verses in the Bible that God has always existed (see Psalm 90:2).
There are still other verses that show that he still exists (see Acts 17:23-24), that he will always exist (see Psalm 90:2), and that he controls your existence (see Acts 17:26). What’s more, God wants to have a relationship with you (see Acts 17:27): He wants to give your current existence meaning (see John 10:10) and offers you eternal life- so your future existence will be marked by “glory, honor, and immortality” rather than “wrath and anger” (Romans 2:7-8).

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