My Wayward Heart

How did it get so scarred?
It wasn’t like this at the start.
I know the flames of sin have charred
My wayward heart.

How did it get so marred?
For it was sinless from the start,
Yet bore God’s wrath in Zion’s yard:
My Savior’s heart.

How long with grace I sparred;
Till his wounds gave me a new start.
And now I ask you, Lord, please guard
My softened heart.

-Wills Osborn (12/22/21)


    1. The first verse describes my heart- soft from the start, yet inclined toward sin, and hardened and scarred over time.

      The second verse describe Jesus’ heart- sinless, but pierced through because of my sin.

      The third verse refers back to my heart, softened from “stone” to “flesh” at conversion.


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