1. Hi Wills, May the Lord continue to bless you in 2022. This morning I was going through my You Version scripture versions to make sure I had downloaded the versions I reference so I don’t have to go online. While doing this I found a couple of interesting versions that you may or may not be aware of and would probably enjoy. One is listed as MP1650 and is titled, “Psalms of David in Metre 1650”. The other is MP1781, titled, “Scottish Metrical Paraphrase 1781”. One is the entire Psalms and the other is much of the Bible written in metre and rhythm to be sung by the church. At the end of the chapters you can click on, “Learn more” to get a quick history. You are probably already aware of these but I thought of you when I found them. We’re praying the Lord will bless and keep you and that you would be encouraged in your work for His glory.

    Love, Scott & Michele


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