The Door

“Close the door!” She yelled behind.
But we were gone and paid no mind.
For we were boys, oblivious, blind
To reality, with adventure to find!

The wind streamed through our tussled hair
As we ran fast, without a care
Up the dirt road, no time to spare.
The two of us, a rowdy pair.

Then we agreed to build a fort.
(Now this is more than common sport)
We gathered tools of every sort,
And scraps of lumber, long and short.

When huddled ‘neath our plywood tent,
Breathing deep, our energy spent,
We swatted flies, drawn by our scent,
Lamenting Adam’s cursed assent.

While we were busy placing blame
We heard her call us both by name.
She drew us from our outdoor game,
Back to the door through which we came.

-Wills Osborn (11/7/21)

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