Does God Seem Far Away?

Are you facing a distressing situation… one you can’t think or talk your way out of; one your friends don’t want to be a part of; one you can’t throw money at (or don’t have enough money to make it go away)?

In Psalm 22:11, David wrote, “Don’t be far from me, because distress is near and there’s no one to help.” David was in a terrible situation: surrounded by enemies, severely oppressed, and feeling abandoned by God. In his distress, he cried out to God for deliverance. 

He first pleaded with God, saying “Don’t be far from me.”  While he didn’t really believe that God was far from him, at this moment, he felt the distress of the situation more than the peace, protection, and provision of his Shepherd. He then whispered, “distress is near.” His situation looked hopeless. His end was certain if no one came to rescue him. Finally, He admitted, “there’s no one to help.” None of his resources (his wisdom, friends, or finances) were able (or willing) to help him. With no one to help and distress looming, David expressed his dependence upon the Lord. He knew that God was the only one able to save him. In verse 21 of the same psalm, David declared, “You answered me!” God had delivered him!

If you are in distress today, don’t look to your own resources, first, look to God. He can deliver you. 
If you are hopelessly stuck in sin, look to Jesus. His name means “savior” and he will deliver everyone who calls on his name. 
If you love the Lord and are facing an impossible situation, cry out to him. His wisdom, provision, and friendship are great! Although he meets our needs according to his timeline, he is faithful.

If God has recently delivered you from distress, you can praise God with David, declaring, “You answered me!”


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