Month: April 2020

The Night I Licked a Bar of Soap

Do you sense that the people around you are keeping a healthy distance from you to avoid your “poisonous” words?

James – Lesson 2

Some trials are beneficial for us, God’s wisdom helps us navigate hard situations, money doesn’t solve all of our problems, and there is something promised for Believers that will make up for the struggles we face on earth.

Philippians Quiz

How well do you know Philippians? Take this quiz to find out!

James – Lesson 1

“Who wrote this book?”, “When was it written?”, “To whom was it written?”, “Why was it written?”

Shattered Plans

I promise, you will be better off in the end if…

Review Quiz – Skate Church Bible Study

How well do you know Genesis 1-11? Take this quiz to find out!

James – Introduction

Is it possible to live well when things don’t make sense?
The author of the epistle of James answers with a resounding “yes!”

The Tower of Babylon- Skate Church Bible Study

“Go into all the world”