Skate Church Teaching Plan

Skate Church took a short break for Christmas and the New Year but we are about to get back in full swing tonight!

I’m looking forward to starting up again because I have a plan for what I would like to share with the skaters during the Bible Study and the Bible Talk over the next few months.

For the Bible Study, I am planning on taking short passages from the first few books of the Bible (Genesis 1-11) and addressing hot button issues like, “where did the world come from?”, “why is there suffering the the world?”, and “why do people speak different languages?” I think these topics will stimulate good discussions and help some of these guys grow in their faith.

For the Bible Talk time, where there is an emphasis on sharing the Gospel, I have chosen to use a resource called “The Gospel Story (One Big Story).” It’s a short booklet by B&H Kids Editorial Staff that uses short Bible stories to show how the whole Bible points to Jesus Christ. For example, they connect Joseph to Jesus by first explaining that one day Jesus would come through Joseph’s family line and then by showing that as God used the evil done to Joseph for the good of many people, so God now uses the evil done to Jesus to offer salvation to everyone.

Will you pray for me and the others who will have the opportunity to share Bible stories with the young people in our care? Please also pray for the safety of the skaters, the unity of our group, and the sanity of the staff 🙂

Thank you,


  1. Praying for you and all the participants that the seed sown will bear fruit for God’s glory. Keep up the great work.


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