*A Step of Faith*

A little while ago I was given some money “to encourage my ministry.” I knew that the money wasn’t for me, so I put it into a savings account until I had clarity on how to use it.

I’ve had it on my heart for a while now to start a ministry aimed at young people who play video games.


With the ministry idea in my mind and black Friday savings available online, I decided to purchase some TVs and video game consoles!

There are still a ton of details pending, like where I might be able to host such a ministry, but I’m taking this step of faith and looking forward to seeing if the Lord is able to use it.

Please pray that the Lord would open and close doors, as necessary, that I would be sensitive to his leading, and that he will receive glory regardless of how “successful” I am in ministry.

With love,


  1. May the Lord prosper you in this endeavor, Wills. It surely is a needed area to get in some God honoring games, and the Old Testament provides so many stories that would interest young people. This could lead in to New Testament sequels that will bring the Gospel in. I will put this on my special prayer list. May God bless you.


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