Why Have You Abandoned Me? (Psalm 22)

God, why have you abandoned me?
Why don’t you listen to my plea?
You have not answered me by day,
And every night- rest flies away. 

You are enthroned on Israel’s praise;
Hope of our fathers all their days.
They cried to you and were set free,
You rescued them for all to see!

But I’m a worm and not a man,
Is my disgrace part of your plan?
I’m scorned by all. They point and sneer, 
“Can your God save? Does he still hear?”

Like a skilled weaver at his loom,
You formed me in my mother’s womb.
Please don’t be far / distress is near,
None come to help, none bring me cheer.

I’m poured out like a waterfall,
I try to stand but trip and fall. 
Strong bulls have now encircled me,
And lions launch a roaring spree.

I don’t have strength to leave my bed,
So some count me among the dead.
My stomach twisted up in knots,
When for my clothing they cast lots.

O Lord, come close and hear my plea.
My Strength, please come and rescue me!
Preserve me from their awful power:
You are my rock and my strong tower.

You answered me! You did not hide!
In you alone will I take pride!
I’ll praise you now, the victory’s won,
And will declare what you have done!

Wills Osborn 

“My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?”

Psalm 22:1 CSB

Matthew 27:46 CSB


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