Alliterative Diphthongs (Silly Sentences)

A diphthong, according to, is “one vowel sound formed by the combination of two vowel sounds.”[1] The experts on Wikipedia suggest the following as “common” English diphthongs: //, //, //, //, and //.[2]

I have endeavored to make up a silly sentence for each of the common diphthongs, capitalizing on the ability we have in English to alliterate almost everything. How did I do? Can you do better?

  • Amy ate a flavorful pâté. (//)
  • Owls scout without a sound while rowdy hounds pound the ground. (//)
  • Isaac tried to hide from his snide bride. (//)
  • Oysters, coy, deploy decoys to foil boys in moist corduroys. (//)
  • Omar opened his poem with notable hyperbole. (//)


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