Allie’s Fears (Poem + Story)

“Is there something you’re afraid of?”
I asked Allie one day.
“I’ve heard so much about God’s love-
But don’t know what He’d say…
If I should ask the God above
‘Oh Lord, please, can I stay?’
I fear He might give me a shove,
And say, ‘No. Go way.’”

“Are there distressing, other fears?”
I gently asked her then.
“I’ve caused so many painful tears
And never made amends;
I don’t think I can change the gears
Before my story ends.
With all my practice wasting years,
I’d let Him down again.”

“My sister, I’m compelled to prod:
What else is on your mind?”
“If I should give my life to God
Then I’d be in a bind.
The Shepherd always has a rod-
It’s His will, but not mine.
What if I’m s’pposed to go abroad?
I’m not the going kind!”

“Allie, your fears are justified.
Rejection hurts a lot.
But nail-pierced hands are open wide
And Jesus saves the lost!
He won’t rebuke you when you try
To serve Him as you aught.
Nor send you ‘lone across a tide
He’ll meet you at that spot.”

Wills Osborn (5/17/18)

This poem was inspired by a story I heard from an evangelist at a conference.
Here’s the story:

Kevin and his sister, Allie, were driving to a restaurant together. (Kevin and Allie were not raised in a Christian family, but Kevin was led to the Lord by his oldest sister and eventually became a full-time evangelist. Many of his siblings had also committed their lives to Jesus, but Allie had not.) While on the way, Kevin asked her why she didn’t believe in Jesus. She told him that she was afraid. “Afraid of what?” he asked. She said that she was afraid Jesus would say “no” to her. He thought for a moment and asked, “is there anything else you are afraid of?” She sat quietly and then said, “I’m afraid that even if I were to trust Jesus, I would fail him.” After considering these two fears, he asked one more time if she had any other fears that held her back. She told him that if she were to give her life to Christ, she would be giving him the right to send her anywhere. She was worried that He might send her somewhere scary!

While parked in the restaurant’s parking lot, Kevin had a chance to remind her of the love of the Savior who died for sinners. He told her that Christians fail regularly, but the Lord still loves them. Then he explained that God’s plans are good: Even if He were to send her abroad, He would be able to change her heart and He would go with her.

After thinking about these truths, she decided to give her life to Christ right there an then!

Do you have any questions or concerns about what it means to trust Jesus as your savior? If you do, write a comment and I’ll get back to you.

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