Servant / King

Love can make you do crazy things.

I think I’m in love.

A couple weeks ago I heard a song on the radio. I didn’t catch the name but really liked the sound of it. A week later I heard the same song on the same station and frantically searched for a pen. I wrote down some of the lyrics and the name of the song on a carry-out bag i had handy. Later, I downloaded the song so I could take it with me in the future.

Now, for a long time I’ve wanted to make a music video. A real music video with musicians, instruments, the whole nine yards. Unfortunately, I’ve never gotten any traction to get one started. After hearing this new song, I decided to make a compromise. Instead of making a real music video, I would attempt making a lyric video for it. (At the time of writing, the only other lyric video for this song is from a live recording, which isn’t of high quality.) This should be simple, right? Get some b-roll footage, slap some words on it, and presto! Mhm. Not quite.

10 hours later, this is what I came up with:
The song is “Servant / King” by Wildwood Music

I hope you like it.

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