Final Greeting (Sermon)

The following is a sermon I preached at Cherrydale Bible Church on December 6, 2015.


Title: Final Greeting
Passage: Colossians 4:7-18
Theme: The Preeminence and Sufficiency of Jesus

  1. Intro (Flower)
    1. A Mixed Bunch (7-14)
      1. Jews
      2. Gentiles
  2. Final Exhortations (15-18)
    1. Regard
    2. Read
    3. Remind
    4. Remember
  3. Conclusion

(At the end of my message, a friend let me know that Macedonia/ Thessolonica is not in Asia minor. Upon further review, I realized that I had made a mistake and transposed information about two different men. Let it be noted that Tychicus is from Asia, while Aristarchus is the Macedonian from Thessalonica.)


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