Fish Bumper Sticker

I’ve had the desire recently to put a bumper sticker on my car that says “Jesus is Lord.” In keeping with Romans 10:9 (If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord…) I am interested in making a more public declaration of my faith.

Unfortunately, I am held back by the fear of what people will think of God based on my driving style. I would not describe myself as a highly aggressive driver, but I find that often I am agitated by other commuters and have the (Californian) tendency to cut in front of people as lanes merge. I am concerned that my bumper sticker would give my fellow drivers the wrong impression about my Lord.

The more I ponder this conundrum, the more I am convinced that the problem is not the bumper sticker. I am reminded of the phrase from I Samuel 16:7:

Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.

When I consider this verse (taken slightly out of context) I realize that, sticker or no sticker, the Lord knows my heart even when the people around me don’t. Furthermore, my fellow driver’s don’t know that I have dedicated my life to Jesus Christ.

Allow me to share a chart I put together.

Figure 1

In Figure 1 we have a few things going on. First, there is a section for me driving without a sticker. In this case, no one knows that I am a Christian but they can identify when I am driving poorly. Second, there is a section for me driving with a sticker. In this case, other drivers can know that I am a Christian and they can identify when I am driving poorly. Finally, there is a section that shows that God both knows that I am a Christian and that He knows when I am driving poorly. SO, you see, the most honest way to live is to allow the people around me to see me the way God does (flaws and all).

The real question here is this: “shouldn’t I be driving, at all times, in such a way that gives glory to God?”

Allow me to challenge those out there who are believers, but who do not advertise it on their vehicles: Try driving for one week as though you had a Christian sticker on your bumper.

How would your driving habits change?


  1. While in college I had a “Girl for God” sticker on my car. I don’t feel that my driving changed one way or the other, but I’ve never really seen the point to road rage or aggressive driving.


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